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The Mackay City and Waterfront area is teeming with iconic art installations designed and created by some of Australia’s most talented artists.  Find artworks hidden down laneways, along the Bluewater trail and scattered across the city.  Whether you are a creator, artist, or just enjoy the beauty of art there is plenty to discover.

One of the largest contributors to the public art trail are the six works of well-regarded artist Fiona Foley.  These pieces were created through discussions with local communities in the Mackay region, the Indigenous Yuwi People and the Mackay Australian South Sea Islander community. The artworks do not shy away from the complexity of Mackay’s history and bring air and recognition to the mistreatment and dispossession of these communities.

To learn more about our public art, take the Art Walk trail below.

If you’re looking for something a little more colourful and interactive, explore the recently crowned Australia’s Best Street Art Laneway, Fifth Lane. You can read more about Fifth Lane.

Public Art Walk

Art Walk Trail

Explore the unique character, history, and culture of our city through the Art Walk Trail

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Fifth Lane

Fifth Lane

Experience and be amazed by the playful murals based on our region’s local culture and wildlife

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