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A guide for future development of the area

Master Plan

The Mackay Waterfront Master Plan (master plan) sets the vision and intent for the Mackay Waterfront through the incorporation of the community’s ideas sought though consultation, as well as feasibility investigations previously completed by council.  It acts as a guide for future development of the area and is the living document that informs design while responding to opportunities and constraints as they arise.

The Mackay Waterfront will establish a range of culturally vibrant, accessible, liveable, and attractive places that supports growth, investment, and development of Mackay.  It will be an expression of mixed-use live, work, and play environment that meets the needs of current and future residents and visitors, whilst celebrating our heritage assets, climate, and local identity. An active and vibrant waterfront setting provides an exciting opportunity to improve the region’s liveability and regional economy. The site-wide and precinct level strategies for infrastructure and public realm delivery further guide future public and private development.

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